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Available in an English release

Paysages & Transfiguration

Philippe Ciaparra

k éditeur, Paris, 2020
ISBN : 9782374390277


I had arrived at the end of the road, heaven and earth unified into one, I heard my promise: create a vision from what you see, go and render what you saw.

Philippe Ciaparra

« Paysages & Transfiguration », a book in 12 x 12 in., 96 pages with fifty photographs in trichrome on uncoated Munken Lynx paper, with an empire green cloth hard cover with image inlay.

ISBN : 9782374390277  Price : 45,00 Euros 

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Now available in an English release, with an art paper insert of the introduction in English, an integral part of the photographer's artistic intentions, as well as other texts and quotations.

Colombie Britannique Canada Hiver 2016

Zabriskie Point Death Valley Californie Etats-Unis Automne 2014

Grand Canyon Arizona Etats-Unis Hiver 2017


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Philippe Ciaparra presents his book:

Philippe Ciaparra's Web site

About the photographer: After 10 years of organ studies with Louis Tortora in Marseille, where I won several awards, I subsequently devoted myself entirely to photography.

Although photography, that I practiced since childhood and which I finally learned as an autodidact, has always been my main activity, I obtained a hotel school diploma, and worked as a sommelier for two years in Marseille.

In 1995, I moved to Paris where I have been working since as a fashion and portrait photographer. I have produced catalogs, press kits and numerous editorial pages for magazine fashion.

As part of my personal work, I focus on twilight landscapes, the nudes, as well as the portraits.

My photographs, made using the unique palladium salt process, during a period of 10 years of travels across the United States and Canada, have been exhibited at the galleries of Demi-Teinte and k éditeur in Paris.

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